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Our company A1 ALGARVE REAL ESTATE is experienced in the Portuguese Golden Visa process. 
We have partnered with a specialised team who will assist you through the entire process and advise you in a competent and professional manner. 
Our team has assisted successfully many clients to obtain their Golden Visa and get settled in the Algarve.

Who is eligible for the Golden Visa? 
Any third country national—meaning anyone except Portuguese and EU/EFTA citizens—can apply for the Golden Visa after completing a suitable investment into Portugal. 

The investment can be made as an individual or through a legal entity meeting certain requirements. 
You will also need to meet the (minimal) physical presence requirements mentioned below

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golden visa portugal


The Portuguese Golden Visa program is one of the most popular both in Europe and the world.

Unfortunately, the information you find when searching about the Portuguese Golden Visa is often unreliable, biased or out-of-date.

Established in 2012, Portugal’s Golden Residence Permit Program (ARI) enables non-EU/EEA citizens to obtain a special residence permit in exchange for a 5-year investment in Portugal.
What’s unique about the permit is that the investor only has to spend about seven days per year in Portugal to maintain the residency, while still reaping all the benefits of being an EU resident—including visa-free travel in the entire Schengen area.
The program has benefited more than 6,500 foreign investors so far and the program has broad support from nearly all political parties in Portugal. 

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    golden visa resident permit advantages


    • You can choose from a range of relatively affordable investment options that will give you both permanent residency and citizenship in 5-6 years.
    • Required time spent in Portugal average only 7 days per year.
    • While a resident of Portugal you are allowed to travel freely in the entire Schengen area.
    • Once you become a citizen, you can live and work anywhere in the EU/EEA and get the world’s 4th best passport for nomads and global citizens.
    • The program is NOT blacklisted by the OECD, unlike many other Golden Visa programs.
    • Portugal is a safe and stable country with an excellent and affordable quality of life, good healthcare and education options, well-connected airports, and the best climate in continental Europe.

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    golden visa qualification


    Your investment needs to meet at least one of the following requirements:

    1. Acquisition of real estate with a value of at least €500,000.
    2. Acquisition of real estate with construction completed at least 30 years ago or located in an urban rehabilitation area, with the execution of rehabilitation works. The minimum investment is reduced to €350,000.
    3. Transfer of capital of different amounts, depending on what kind of research or support of institution you invest in.
    4. Creation of at least 10 permanent jobs.

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      golden visa renewal


      The permit is issued for one year and then renewed for successive periods of two years


      1. Maintain the investment for a minimum period of five years.
      2. Spend a minimum of seven days in Portugal during the first year, then not less than 14 days in each subsequent 2-year period.

      To renew your residence permit and receive a new residence card, you need to go through a renewal process about one month before your current residence card expires.

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      While the process isn’t very complicated, it does involve gathering a lot of documentation—both in Portugal and in your country of origin. It will be beneficial to work with a specialist.

      The initial application is submitted online.  This can take up to 6 months for approval. 

      Please feel free to CALL us or send an EMAIL. We speak the following languages, a part of Portuguese: English, French, German, Polish, Italian. 

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