Generally, unless a home is one of a kind, for instance, the only castle within the region, there will be other luxury homes for sale that could easily serve as an alternative. As a result, if the luxury home you are selling does not shine in front of the competition, there is an uphill battle for the homeowner to attract the attention of those buyers who will be very cautious with their investment. Fewer buyers mean a reduced chance of getting an offer that gets the home sold.

So, homeowners are often wondering what can be done to increase the value of their home. What can they do that doesn’t involve a major renovation? These quick fixes are more about enabling a home buyer to perceive your home to be of greater value, which results in them being willing to pay more for your home, thus increasing your home’s value. Exactly what you want!

So, what can be done?

1. Change the Buyer’s Perception of the Size of your Home 

Have you ever considered what it would be like to make your home seem larger? I’m not talking about planning for an additional bedroom. I mean using techniques that can seemingly add more space to your home. This will mould the perception of the prospective buyer and influence them into visualising the extra space they need to be able to live comfortably in your home, and their new one. They have to be able to conceive this needed space.

On many occasions, I have viewed homes where rooms appeared tiny and cramped, when in fact they offered great space. These rooms were cluttered with bulky furniture which took away from the room itself, resulting in the buyers contemplating how to even fit one piece of their furniture into the room.

Quick Fix:

Think minimalist. Open up space in rooms throughout your home. Remove the excess furniture and arrange your furniture to fit your room. Let’s say, for instance, in your master bedroom you have a large, oversized wooden 4-post bed frame. Remove the 4 posts from the frame and move these into storage until you move into your new home. You’ll be left with just your frame and mattress. Decorate it nicely with an elegant duvet cover, throw and cushions. Too many chests of drawers, tables, chairs and cabinets will clutter any room. Remove the excess furniture, put it in temporary storage or as a worst-case scenario in the garage. Just get it out of sight.


2. Children and Pets

The true appeal of your home can be reduced by your children’s toys and clutter, as well as, the dirt or smell your pets may cause. Of course, you love children and your pets, but perhaps the homebuyers do not! Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually pack up your children and pets. However, you do have to pack up their things that are spread across your home that can distract from your home’s features.

Quick Fix:

Try to remove both, your children’s’ and pet’s presence throughout the entire house. 

Kids – the pride and pleasure of our lives that come with their mess and lots of toys. How natural! Little children can draw on walls and leave their toys everywhere. Now is a good time to clean up all areas and remove the evidence of children and their little messy moments.  Also, make sure that your little one isn’t creating their Mondrian on your wall while in the midst of a viewing with a potential buyer.

Box up all the toys and hide them in the wardrobe during viewings. If you have teenage athletes or computer geeks at home and they have smelly football shoes or video games and cables scattered around their rooms, place all of their things in one spot. Just keep it clean and organised when it’s show time. 

Pets, our furry family members, just follow the same example as with your youngsters. Collect their bowls, toys and bed – it all can go in the garage alongside the kids' items. However, you must also consider one essential point, the pet’s smell. We don’t always notice our pet’s scent as we live with them every day, but, visitors most certainly will. Eliminating this smell is easy, a simple deep clean of their bedding and the smell is gone. Once you’ve signed the contract and your home has been sold, you can bring it all out as there are no longer prospective home buyers roaming through your home day in and day out.

3. Create Storage Space 

We keep forgetting that our storage space in our garage, basement, cupboards, larder, wardrobes, and chests is limited. We tend to clutter our storage and often don’t even realise how disorganised it may look as it has become part of our daily life. Now is the time to clean them out. The order creates a calm and calm attracts. By doing this, any prospective buyer can get a feeling that your storage space is indeed adequate for them.

Quick Fix:

Clear out your cluttered basement, cupboards, larder and wardrobes. Bin, sell or donate what you’re not using.


4. Balancing the First Impression

You enjoy your home’s recently modernised kitchen and bathrooms and although it’s time to relocate, you state with pride that new buyers will likely love it too. Then don’t take away from the masterfully outlined upgraded interior by ignoring your home’s frontage and garden. Buyers will be attracted by the photos of the beautiful interiors that will be displayed by your estate agent, yet they will likely desist should the exterior space not match the interior. Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new facade, yet you do have to present your home in the most luxurious way possible. 

Quick Fix:

Repair and paint the entrance gate. Carefully prune all garden plants. Fill in missing or dead shrubs with colourful flowers pleasing to the eye. Trim the weeds, mulch your garden beds and remove any dirt and spider webs from your doors and windows. Apply a fresh coat of paint to your front door, polish your door handles, fix broken roof tiles and have your swimming pool professionally cleaned.

5. Create a Genuine Flow

No matter what size your home, the show route should always be clear.  When a prospective buyer comes to view your home, make sure the flow is smooth, there are no obstacles in their way.  When they walk into a room, it should be obvious for them where to walk and admire your home. It’s up to you to make it simple for them to dream without being obstructed by a piece of furniture or an immovable object 

Quick Fix:

Remove furniture that blocks key features of your home. Regroup your furniture for entertainment areas and emphasise principal features. Don't forget, it’s always about buyers being able to imagine themselves living in your home. Make it comfortable for them to wander through your home’s natural pathways.

If you feel that it is rather difficult for you to see through your home arrangement and you lack visualisation or are simply insecure you may need a trained eye to assist you. I’ll be happy to help you find the bottleneck in your house.

A must do when you want to boost your home’s value.

Remember, a home’s value is what a buyer perceives the value to be and is willing to pay for a home when it meets or exceeds his expectations. A house is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it.