Since we at A1 always want to keep our customers up to date, we would like to inform you about the recently enacted law (Diário da República, No. 12/2019), which prohibits and punishes bullying in the lease - a measure to protect the tenants.

The law states that "harassment of tenants or subtenants" is prohibited, with the possibility to impose sanctions on persons who behave unlawfully.

Harassment is, in this case, every behaviour of the landlord, or a third party (representing the landlord), which should cause the tenant to give up the apartment as soon as possible. The intimidation of tenants is thus prohibited under penalty. These ugly practices have accumulated in the past, as speculators, especially in Lisbon and Porto, "evacuate" houses and sell them to redevelop and sell at higher prices.

The law provides that the tenant can obtain a temporary injunction against the landlord if necessary or even demand the payment of a daily penalty. Landlords who unlawfully force tenants to leave their homes risk fines of € 20 per day. If the tenant is over 65 or disabled, the amount increases to 30 euros per day.

Author: João Pedro Mestre