Is it really possible to live tax-free in Portugal for foreign nationals?

Live tax-free in Portugal?

Live Tax-Free As a Foreign National

Portugal is a high-taxation country as well as a popular holiday destination. How could it possibly be a tax haven? No doubt, this will baffle more than one, which has its advantages since the tax office will also not disapprove of this relocation. How is that possible?

Let’s break the quintessential details down and try to facilitate these complex regulations.

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NHR Tax exemption in detail

Tax-Exemption In Detail

These types of income from abroad commonly could be exempt from taxes in Portugal:

  • Dividends, revenues and income from the renting of property
  • Income from the sales of property, boats and aircrafts
  • Royalties (often not able to be taxed in the country of origin)
  • Income from specific professions (also often not able to be taxed in the country of origin)

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