Dear Customers and Friends,

As Portugal has entered a state of hard lockdown last Friday, 15 January, we would like to update you on the rules that came into place related to the real estate business.

Generally, all non-essential businesses have to close by law and that includes also all real estate agencies. Remote working is now obligatory so the trump card will be, once again, technology, to stay as near to you as it gets.

Although we had to close our office for the time being, we maintain present and perform our work at a distance using social networks and other communication platforms that do not require our personal presence. We intend to stay in touch with you whether you are a seller or buyer. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or any other means you feel comfortable with. We are here for you with virtual visits of our properties. The market continues to be in motion considering the property enquiries we receive daily.

The next 30 days will be days of challenge, of difficulty, of setbacks, of inconstancy, but they are also days of shrewdness, of opportunity and of overcoming.

Your A1-Team
Agnieszka, Sylwia & Alex

• Citizens may not travel on public roads and must stay at their homes, exceptions to this obligation are listed in the annexed Article 4(2).
• Compulsory teleworking
• Mandatory use of masks
• All non-essential establishments/recreational activities, cultural activities, ATL’s, sports establishments, catering activities among others listed in Annex I are closed
• Trade and retail activities and any provision of services open to the public, with the exception of those providing basic necessities, are suspended
(From: Decree No. 3-A/2021 of 14 January, regulating the state of emergency in the context of the COVID-19 disease pandemic, which takes effect at 00.00 on 15 January 2021 until 23.59 on 30 January 2021)

Can real estate agencies be open to the public?
No. The new measures concerning COVID-19 impose the suspension of service activities in establishments open to the public.

Can promissory contracts and deeds be executed?
Yes, for the performance of legal acts within the competence of notaries and lawyers, the movement of citizens is legitimate.

Can the real estate agent work?
In particular, he can work using technological tools, communication platforms and social networks, but cannot have contact with the public.

Can the real estate agent make face-to-face visits?
No. The real estate agent can only make virtual visits, by video call, or others that do not require the presence of the client.

Can building work continue?
Yes. Civil construction and the wholesale trading establishments of building materials will not be affected.

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