Q – Which constructions are exempt from licensing?
A – Buildings that add extra floors to their existing structure are exempt from obtaining a license if the building’s exterior remains unchanged. This rule applies to buildings situated in areas that have been divided, have a detailed plan, or are part of a development with urban design.

Q – What is the fine for building without a license?
A – If you plan on working on a property located in a classified protection zone or a property in the process of being classified, or if the work you’re doing will increase the height of the building or the number of floors, you must obtain a building permit. Otherwise, a permit is not required. Not getting a permit could result in a fine ranging from 500 to 200,000 euros.

Q – Do I need a permit to build a garage?
A – You can build an outbuilding or garage on your property with a municipal permit if it is within certain legal limits. For example, if the space is at most 10 square meters in area and 2.20 meters in height, you don’t need a permit.

Q – Do I need a permit to change the roof?
A – Changing a property’s roof is a type of urban development handled similarly to other development operations. Yes, a permit is necessary.

Q – Do I need a license to enclose my balcony?
A – If you want to reconstruct a building and keep the original exterior, you only need to give prior notice to the authorities. However, you must obtain a license if you plan to change the exterior. If you are extending a balcony by building a marquee, you only need to give prior notice.

Q – Do I need a permit to build a wall?
A – If you plan to build any kind of wall, retaining wall, fence, or enclosure on your property that does not match the characteristics, dimensions, and materials specified you will need to obtain a municipal license for it. This applies whether the structure is located on your plot or adjacent to a public road.

Q – Who can supervise construction work?
A – Supervision can only be conducted by a qualified technician with experience and specific knowledge of architectural projects and specialities according to the law.

Q – I found a house with an unlicensed pool. Will I get a permit late on?
A – To obtain a license for building a swimming pool, you need to contact your local council. They are responsible for approving the construction and authorizing the use of the pool. You must inform them in advance about your intention to build and provide the start date of the work by applying. Applying for subsequent licenses can be a lengthy process that may not be approved.

Q – Which swimming pools don’t pay IMI?
A – If you decide to construct a pond or an above-ground swimming pool, it will not lead to an increase in IMI tax. Similarly, you can opt for a removable pool, which will not increase your tax liabilities.

Q – Is it possible to do a deed without a license?
A – Starting from 2024, it is no longer mandatory to provide a license or technical data sheet to purchase a house.

Q – Can you rent a house without a license?
A – A rental contract is considered illegal without a habitability license, which is an essential formality.

Q – What is the maximum size of a house that doesn’t need a permit?
A – Small rural constructions such as barns, warehouses, or animal shelters can be built on rustic land without obtaining a building permit, provided that the construction area does not exceed 25m².

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