The urbanized area includes approximately 11.000 inhabitants. Silves is the former capital of the Algarve and is of great historical importance. The region of Silves has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic, as attested by archaeological remains, including several menhirs. The river Arade, which was navigable in historical times, linked the hinterland to the open ocean and allowed the transport of produce and commerce. 

In 1191 under Muslim rule, the city would then prosper to the point of being called the Baghdad of the West. The town was finally taken from the last Muslim king in 1242. The great mosque was changed into Silves Cathedral. Silves declined in importance thereafter and was eclipsed in the region by Faro during the colonial period. 
 In recent years, the number of tourists visiting the town has been increasing, especially as a destination of cultural tourism. 

The surrounding land is quite virgin and offers countless beautiful old Quintas and villas with total privacy. 

Prices of high quality built villas vary between € 1.5 million and € 4 million.

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