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The D7 Visa

the d7 visa

Understanding the Eligibility Requirements for the Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa

For non-EU/EEA/Swiss individuals seeking to make Portugal their new home, the D7 Visa is a remarkable gateway to residency. Boasting a reasonable net regular passive income is the key to unlocking this prestigious path. What sets it apart is that it doesn’t restrict you from pursuing professional activities in Portugal.

To embark on this extraordinary journey, applicants must diligently follow a series of residence applications at the Portuguese Consulate. Once granted, the privilege extends to immediate family members through the “family reunification” provisions.

Your Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa is a sophisticated credit-card-sized ID, reminiscent of the prestigious Golden Visa. It holds the prestigious status of being registered with the Schengen Space central system, granting visa-free access to all Schengen Space affiliated European nations.

Should you seek more information on this exceptional opportunity or the broader Portugal residence permit program, we cordially invite you to contact us. Discover the path to luxury living in Portugal with A1.

Discovering the Benefits of the D7 Visa for Portugal

Free Circulation:
Experience the unparalleled privilege of permanent free entry and effortless circulation within the Schengen Space, encompassing 26 European countries. Your journey through Europe begins here.

Live in Portugal:
Immerse yourself in the enchanting tapestry of Portugal. Revel in the freedom to make this picturesque nation your home, and should you desire, engage in professional pursuits with ease on this sun-kissed canvas.

Tax Benefits:
Discover the art of financial harmony with the option to become a non-habitual resident of Portugal for tax purposes. Revel in the prospect of minimal, if not entirely nonexistent, tax obligations for a remarkable decade.

Resident’s Rights:
Elevate your lifestyle with privileged access to the rights and comforts enjoyed by fellow residents of Portugal. From education to healthcare and social security, relish a life of opulence with our D7 Visa.

Portugal Residence Permit Application Requirements:
Elegance meets permanence as an EU citizen and your cherished dependents embark on the journey to secure permanent residency in Portugal. The splendor of your rights remains intact, ensuring a seamless stay, with the only conditions being an absence exceeding 2 consecutive years or a valid expulsion decision.

Bank Account and Accommodation in Portugal for Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa Applicants

Individuals aspiring to obtain a Portugal Passive Income D7 visa under the aegis of the Portugal Residence Permit Program are required to initiate the application process by diligently adhering to the following checklist:

  • Open a banking account in Portugal.
  • Secure long-term accommodation in Portugal (by either buying or renting a property).
  • Let your legal representative apply online for a residence visa and for an appointment for an interview at the Portuguese Consulate serving your current region of legal residence, even if your nationality entitles you to enter Portugal without a visa.

Visa Application at the Portuguese Consulate

While the specific prerequisites may exhibit variations across individual consulates, it is imperative to note that all consulate interviews mandate the submission of the following essential documentation:

  • Passport, valid for at least 6 months after the expiry date of the Portugal passive income visa being applied for (which will be valid for 4 months)
  • Two recent passport-size colour photos
  • Declaration outlining reasons for obtaining Portuguese residency
  • Health insurance policy or affidavit stating that this will be bought in Portugal within 90 days of arrival
  • Criminal record certificate (or police clearance letter)
  • Documentary evidence of having accommodation in Portugal (property title deed or rental agreement)
  • Documentary evidence of sufficient finances available to the applicant in Portugal (e.g. a
  • Portugal bank statement showing a reasonable balance, usually a minimum of 14 times the minimum income in Portugal which sums up to approximately €15.000)
  • Documentary evidence of having a reasonable net regular passive income

Residence Permit Program Application in Portugal

To embark on the application process for the Portugal Passive Income D7 visa permit under the auspices of the Residence Permit Program in Portugal, it is essential to obtain a special visa as delineated herein.

The special visa grants the privilege of up to two entries and a stay within the country for a maximum period of four months. Upon your arrival in Portugal, the submission of the subsequent documents becomes imperative to initiate the residence permit application, also recognised in certain regions as the Portugal Residence Permit Program:

  • Passport having the special visa issued by the Portuguese Consulate
  • The documentary evidence of having sufficient financial means and permanent accommodation in Portugal, as submitted to the Portuguese Consulate
  • Health insurance policy in case you bought it in Portugal
  • Various Portuguese documents that your lawyer can obtain on your behalf

Renewing the Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa: A Formal Guide

Under the purview of the Portugal Residence Permit Program, the renewal process for the Portugal Passive Income Visa necessitates attention at the conclusion of the initial two-year term, followed by subsequent renewals every three years. Of noteworthy importance, holders of a passive income permit may seek permanent residency or citizenship upon completing a five-year tenure, subject to the successful completion of a basic Portuguese language proficiency examination.

Minimum Stay Requirements

For individuals in possession of a temporary residence permit, notably the Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa (excluding the Golden Visa category), compliance with minimum stay requirements is indispensable. During the initial two-year period, a minimum stay of at least 16 months within the country is expected, with an extended obligation of 28 months during each subsequent three-year period. Notably, these timeframes encompass the caveat that no absence from Portugal exceeds a duration of six consecutive months.

For holders of a permanent residence permit, the minimum stay requirement expands to a mandatory 30 months during each five-year period, provided that no absence extends beyond a consecutive period of 24 months.

What Is the Cost of Acquiring a Portuguese Passive Income Permit?

The government fees associated with securing a temporary residence visa permit of this nature are relatively modest, ranging between €45.90 and €276.80 per applicant. The predominant financial commitments borne by the applicant pertain to relocation expenditures and professional service fees. It is pertinent to note that other avenues for attaining residency tend to entail considerably higher costs.

the d7 visa